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How Is Japanese Acupuncture Different?

By Sara Calabro Many acupuncturists say on their websites that they practice Japanese acupuncture. Ever wonder what that means? How does Japanese acupuncture differ from other forms? And wait, isn’t all acupuncture Chinese? As far as we know, all acupuncture did originate in China. (Although theories abound.) However, it didn’t take long for other countries, once they got their hands on acupuncture, to start developing their own versions. In the case of Japan, scholars estimate that acupuncture made its way there, possibly via Korean immigrants, sometime around the fifth century. Japanese acupuncture in the ensuing decades adapted according to political, social and religious influences of the times. Early into what’s known as the Edo period (1603-1868), a blind acupuncturist named Waichi Sugiyama came onto the scene and inspired the brand of acupuncture that to this day is considered signature Japanese.

Three key features of Japanese acupuncture... Follow the link to read more:

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